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IT Career OPtions
Hudson gives you options to use your
talent in a variety of organizations

At Hudson, we understand that recruitment isn’t just about securing your next job; it’s about developing your career potential. We also understand how important a job can be in shaping your career. We take a specialized approach to help companies identify, engage and develop the best and brightest professionals – people like you – for their businesses. We’re interested in high caliber specialists for our team of contractors, consultants and direct hire professionals.

Our Commitment to You

While engaged with Hudson, we will offer you a variety of IT career opportunities to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are looking for flexibility in work location, or you want to hone your expertise in a specific niche, contract or temporary IT work gives you the opportunity to take greater control over your career. Direct-hire jobs with our clients allow you to align your vision with an organization for the long-term. As we work together to find the right fit for your needs we will:

  • Set up a call or personal meeting so we can understand your background, technical skills, work preferences, and career goals
  • Enter your information into our database for future searching
  • Give you direct feedback on your marketability and fit for open job orders
  • Contact you if jobs arise that match your stated interests
  • With your permission, submit you to client hiring managers for specific jobs.

A recruiter will follow-up with you on all client-submitted resumes, usually within a few days. Sometimes clients take longer, particularly for direct hires, but we’ll keep you in the loop on all developments. To get started working with us:


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There are 3 distinct ways in which Hudson can help you apply your skills.

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Hudson IT provides solutions necessary for technology leaders to deliver business value. Hudson IT consulting services deliver expertise to implement critical initiatives, specializing in Healthcare IT and Learning & Performance programs. Our staffing services provide specialized professionals on an as-needed basis, allowing companies to maintain IT service levels with reduced costs. Backed by global recruitment resources, Hudson draws upon multiple capabilities to design the best solution for each company’s need.