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Case Study: Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) and Data Architect

Hudson IT Delivers Unique Mix of Oracle Talent to $1B Financial Exchange

Client Issue

When this leading U.S. financial exchange sought to hire an experienced Oracle professional with both data architect and data modeling experience, they were surprised at how daunting the task was to handle internally. After months of this critical role going unfilled and eventually working with a number of staffing providers that just weren't hitting the mark, the client began to fear that finding a candidate with the unique mix of both data architect and modeling expertise was next to impossible. The client eventually invited other staffing firms to assist, and as soon as Hudson stepped in, their search was over.

Hudson IT Solution

Hudson's consultative approach consisted of sitting down with the client to understand not only their expectations, but also their frustrations. It became clear that other staffing firms were simply presenting candidates with limited Oracle experience in each of the areas requested by the client. Realizing the local market was already over-tapped by these firms, Hudson enlisted the help of its National Recruitment Team to identify an expert Oracle professional. This individual possessed the right combination of data architect and modeling work experience - Oracle 10G RAC Suite, performance tuning, DBA internals, ERWIN, and more - providing a much needed sigh of relief for our client!

Hudson IT Results

By asking intensive questions about the client's current technology, environment and tools Hudson was able to zero in on the key skills required to satisfy their needs. Our professional has helped to improve productivity, conduct several software upgrades, implement performance tuning measures and develop pre- and post-production architecture processes.

Based on the combined skill sets possessed by Hudson's expert, the financial exchange was able to move forward with several critical projects and avoid having to miss deadlines.  Today, the client continues to engage Hudson for their full-time internal hires and consulting roles.


Project Contact

Gene Varner

Account Executive
Project Snapshot


  • $1B Financial Exchange

Client Location

  • Chicago, IL


  • Unique hire for daunting internal tasks, left unfilled for months by other staffing firms
  • Apprehension that finding a candidate with the very specialized experience was not possible



  • Candidate placement improved productivity and processes
  • Continued client engagement on future staffing and consulting business

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