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25 Years of Serving
As a Trusted Advisor to Clients

Hudson Legal, a DTI Company, brings the experience,
expertise, and efficiency you need.

Hudson Legal, a DTI Company, has a track record of delivering a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end solutions, managed review and legal staffing services to private practice and corporate entities.  

Hudson Legal began as a family-run company, when providing document review meant boxes and warehouses packed from floor to ceiling. Back then, documents were reviewed page by page and coded by hand using some of the earliest methods of Bates numbering. As technology evolved, so did our practices and capabilities.

Today, we are part of DTI, the largest privately held legal process outsourcing (LPO) company in the U.S. We continue to assist our clients with their eDiscovery needs by providing full service solutions through our subject matter experts, delivering highly-qualified legal professionals on an as-needed basis and utilizing the latest software and methodologies to ensure results are delivered efficiently, accurately and affordably.

The vast majority of our sales, recruiting and management team is bar-certified and licensed to practice. Our team members include law school graduates from such reputable tier-one institutions as Harvard Law School, the University of Michigan Law School, The George Washington University Law School (GW Law) and Penn Law.

Our experience and expertise goes beyond our length in service and legal education. Many of our team members joined Hudson Legal, a DTI Company, after working on the other side of the fence – as litigators in law firms and members of in-house corporate counsel. This gives us significant insights into the challenges you face and goals you seek.

Legal matters – and accompanying discovery – can spring up with little, if any advanced warning.

Whether you need a full scale eDiscovery solution with technology and space, a managed review in multiple locations, or a few specialized multilingual attorneys over the weekend, we have you covered. DTI has unparalleled access to highly qualified legal professionals and review expertise as well as turnkey project space to get you up and running virtually overnight.

We also have the flexibility to quickly adjust the scope of your resources just as quickly as your project needs change. New judge-imposed deadlines? Additional custodians identified? No worries. We can drastically increase the number of legal professionals in more than one location or rapidly scale back your resources on a moment’s notice.


Hudson Legal is owned by DTI

  • DTI has over 30 local offices across the U.S. with 7 domestic knowledge centers and 2 international knowledge centers
  • More than 3,000 professionals serving clients and candidates

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Trusted Advisors in Discovery Matters
Hudson Legal, a DTI Company, is a global full-service discovery firm offering end-to-end e-Discovery solutions and managed review services tailored to meet the needs of each case. Specializing in complete discovery process management, the experts at DTI bring clients a best-in-class combination of expert process design, technology, qualified teams of review attorneys and workspace logistics. Our approach ensures the highest quality results are delivered efficiently, accurately and affordably with a practical perspective.

Hudson Legal, a DTI Company, provides legal support services under the supervision of legal counsel representing our clients. DTI is not a law firm and does not practice law or provide legal services. Click here for further details regarding our policy.