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Antitrust Review for Fortune 100 Company

Client History with Hudson Legal

Hudson was approached by a Fortune 100 telecommunications company to assist in a Second Request. Within one week of the client contacting Hudson, we staffed 400 attorneys in two locations (200 in New York and 200 in Chicago) and identified and secured 70,000 square feet of space (35,000 sq. ft. in each city), which were fully furnished and equipped. As a result, Hudson’s Antitrust Review  Services saved the client saved millions of dollars in litigation costs

The success of this legal project and others over the years led the client to use Hudson for all of their national review work. Recognizing the need for a single point of contact to develop a strategy and then manage the execution of its eDiscovery work, the client enlisted the help of a Hudson project manager who would be dedicated to working side by side with the client.

Client Challenge

Recently, the client faced an even larger antitrust case. For this Second Request it was apparent from the onset that there were going to be periods in which resources would need to be ramped up and then scaled back quickly to meet shifting deadlines and maximize efficiencies. There would also be several law firms and vendors involved. The client wanted to secure a single source to manage the projects and be the liaison for all outside parties.

Hudson Managed Review Solution

Out of the Gate

This antitrust review project began by Hudson staffing 350 bar-certified contact attorneys who had extensive privilege and QC experience within a 48 hour period. During that same time frame, Hudson was able to fully equip and set up security for its Washington, DC production facility.

Rapid Response & Scalability

As expected, fluctuations in data and judge-imposed deadlines created the need to quickly adjust resources and shift tactics. At one point, the team in DC was scaled down to 75 contract attorneys and, less than a week later, was ramped up to 110. Then, Hudson learned the review would need to go nationwide. In addition to the project team in DC, in only five days we successfully:

  • Staffed more than 100 contract attorneys in Dallas and New York;
  • Staffed 50 contract attorneys in San Francisco; and
  • Staffed another 50 contract attorneys in Chicago

Throughout the Project

Over the course of the review Hudson’s project managers:

  • Liaised between the client, the review team, the two technology vendors and six law firms;
  • Were granted administrator rights by the eDiscovery platform partner so that we could review and monitor contractor productivity;
  • Assigned key custodian batches to the top reviewers;
  • Set up and managed pre- and post-production QC to ensure that the integrity of the production was maintained;
  • Assisted in creating eDiscovery coding forms;
  • Developed comprehensive performance metrics for the contractors;
  • Conducted technology training and ongoing database support;
  • Produced daily workflow analysis charts to the client to show details on project progress;
  • Organized production calls with client, law firm staff, and the eDiscovery providers;
  • Monitored network efficiencies and bandwidth utilization to pinpoint and remove any latency issues;
  • Ensured security measures and protocols were being followed to the strictest guidelines; and
  • Managed the day-to-day administrative supervision of the review team..

The Result

An estimated cost savings of $3,000,000 was realized over the course of this matter due to Hudson's project management and subsequent streamlined workflows, ability to rapidly deploy then scale back teams of contact attorneys, lowering of document touches, and elimination of documents from the review stream based on file extension and search term culling. Furthermore, the efficiencies created during this project can be duplicated for future Second Requests and other legal projects.

Today we are the client's preferred provider of managed document review services. They continue to rely on us as their primary source for eDiscovery work thanks in part to Hudson's ability to:

  • Assign dedicated project managers to the client's ongoing litigation matters for seamless reviews;
  • Be a true single point of contact and liaise with all parties – from technology vendors to multiple law firms and in-house counsel;
  • Deliver a deep pool of bar-certified contract attorneys with unique and specific skill sets;
  • Remain nimble and rapidly adjust contract attorney teams in multiple locations; and
  • Effectively communicate progress and run productivity reports throughout the course of the project for
    maximum efficiencies.


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