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Relativity® Computer Assisted Review

Hudson Case Study on Relativity Assisted Review Shows Cost Reduction

The Challenge

The Hudson Legal client faced ongoing civil litigation and an SEC investigation of a series of credit default swap transactions between a European utility company and three financial institutions. Responding to the SEC request for documents and information relating to the transactions, the client was given a short time-frame to produce the information. To add complexity to these efforts, there were four separate information custodians holding data regarding the transactions.  Hudson Legal considered a bifurcated strategy to use Relativity® computer-assisted review in order to quickly identify documents relevant to the SEC request.

The client needed to promptly respond to a request for information, and execute discovery with multiple information custodians. The primary custodian held a particularly large volume of data which threatened timely production.

Hudson Legal Solution

Relativity computer-assisted review was combined with linear review for the smaller document set obtained from multiple custodians.


Relativity Computer-Assisted Review Cost Savings


Hudson’s Project Manager worked closely with the technology partner to provide Relativity computer-assisted review in various rounds to ensure that all potentially relevant documents would be reviewed and produced. Using the Relativity computer-assisted review methodology, a large number of documents were quickly identified as unrelated to the requests from the SEC.

Hudson Legal Results

Hudson’s skillful execution of this innovative solution reduced the number of documents to be reviewed, while also ensuring that all likely relevant documents still received human review. The strategy increased the efficiency and accuracy of the document review workflow, and ultimately resulted in a high quality, timely production with cost savings of $87,000 (which is about half the cost of this particular review in its entirety) for the client.

In addition to delivering cost savings to the client, this approach spared the SEC from receiving a large amount of irrelevant documents.

Project Snapshot


  • Multinational, multibillion dollar global investment services firm

Project Highlights

  • Respond to an SEC request with tight deadline and multiple data custodians
  • Hudson executed Relativity® computer-assisted review, combined with linear review
  • 31K documents were identified as relevant for manual review, reduced from the original 210K



  • Significant reduction of production time and and maximized efficiency by leveraging advanced technologies
  • The client saved $87,000 in litigation costs






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