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Discovery Consulting & Managed Review

Efficient execution and the best
discovery resources available

Start Off Strong With Discovery Consulting

When you have a clear view of the discovery landscape, it’s a lot easier to develop optimal workflows and spot potential roadblocks. With our discovery consulting, Hudson Legal, a DTI Company, is there to assist, with expert advice and technical evaluations designed to streamline reviews before they even begin.

Early-phase assessments drive costs and complexity out of the process. The same holds true for projects already in progress. Our assessments help you:

  • Evaluate technology vendors for data collection, processing and hosting
  • Select the most appropriate review platform for your engagement
  • Develop coding protocols to reduce manual editing and unnecessary tagging
  • Forecast, track and reduce expenses across the review lifecycle

Realize Efficient Execution of Managed Reviews

A large-scale managed review project demands just the right mix of speed and quality, planning and action. Hudson Legal project managers have sharpened their skills from years in review delivery, maintaining close ties to the legal community through active memberships in state and federal bars, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court and PTO.

Ongoing performance analysis is supported by the Hudson Legal Review Tracker, which provides a snapshot of everything from your contract attorney team’s performance to breakdowns of your data and overall progress of the review. The Review Tracker promotes:

  • On-demand, at-a-glance metrics for better decision-making
  • Rapid ramp-up through increased accuracy and speed
  • Identification of top reviewers to handle the most critical assignments
  • Thorough coaching and cultivating of review team members

Assemble The Best Discovery Resources Available

For more than 25 years, Hudson Legal has built a reputation for recruiting excellence and consultant loyalty. We build strong relationships with highly-skilled licensed attorneys and other legal professionals, who serve as “known commodities” for complex review assignments.

What’s more, Hudson Legal, DTI Company, operates turnkey review centers across the U.S. that are fully-wired and completely secure. With this unique combination—a deep pool of experienced reviewers and project-ready space—rapid response is a given.

Evaluate. Execute. Succeed.

Hudson Legal, DTI Company, excels at end-to-end discovery solutions for large-scale litigation matters, antitrust reviews, government investigations and other document-intensive projects. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you have complete transparency and resource flexibility backed by review-savvy project management.

Discover the peace of mind that comes from DTI review expertise. Discover DTI.


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Hudson Legal, a DTI Company, is a global full-service discovery firm offering end-to-end e-Discovery solutions and managed review services tailored to meet the needs of each case. Specializing in complete discovery process management, the experts at DTI bring clients a best-in-class combination of expert process design, technology, qualified teams of review attorneys and workspace logistics. Our approach ensures the highest quality results are delivered efficiently, accurately and affordably with a practical perspective.

Hudson Legal, a DTI Company, provides legal support services under the supervision of legal counsel representing our clients. DTI is not a law firm and does not practice law or provide legal services. Click here for further details regarding our policy.