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eDiscovery Technology Partners

Business Results through Integrated Technology Partnerships

In order to deliver top-tier, end-to-end eDiscovery technology solutions to our clients, Hudson Legal integrates our workflow with carefully selected eDiscovery technology  partners. Working with the industry's leading innovators, we maintain and value close working relationships with our legal technology partners. Together, we provide a seamless experience for law firms and corporations alike.

Hudson Legal is committed to training, certifying and developing our project managers with the industry’s most respected technology providers.

Legal eDiscovery Technology Partners

Link to Recommind website opens a new browser window

For nearly a decade, Recommind has been the leader in predictive information management and analysis software.

Together, Recommind and Hudson Legal offer clients a better option to realize efficiencies in their eDiscovery process, resulting in lower, more predictable costs and ultimately, better quality. The combination of Recommind’s powerful technology solutions such as early case assessment, predictive analytics and predictive coding, along with Hudson Legal’s project management expertise, review logistics and one of the largest teams of document review attorneys in the US, supports a more strategic and effective approach to eDiscovery.

Hudson Legal is the first Recommind Certified Predictive Coding Partner. Hudson Project Managers are well-educated on the software and are recognized as Recommind Certified Predictive Coding Strategists. See more information regarding  Hudson Legal's partnership with Recommind.


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Hudson Legal and Kroll Ontrack are partnering to bring together a top quality integrated solution for managing eDiscovery in a seamless and cost efficient way. As legal costs and the quality of eDiscovery come under court scrutiny and control, a new strategic approach to managing the costs of eDiscovery and document review is needed.

Together, Hudson Legal, a global provider of eDiscovery solutions, managed review and legal staffing, and Kroll Ontrack, a world leader in eDiscovery and data recovery software, offer law firms and corporations world-class next-generation discovery solutions. See more information about Hudson Legal's partnership with Kroll Ontrack .



link to Lighthouse eDiscovery opens a new browser window

Lighthouse eDiscovery guides clients through every aspect of eDiscovery, from the simplest projects to the most complex, risky matters. Our experienced, dedicated client teams deliver with high velocity, unparalleled quality, and a pragmatic focus on lowering overall eDiscovery costs.  We develop highly innovative applications built on leading third-party technology, making it more effective and easier to use, and we custom-engineer solutions to specific client requirements. Our client-aligned approach has enabled us to form long-term relationships with many of the world’s leading corporations and top law firms who rely on Lighthouse to meet all of their eDiscovery needs. Read more about Hudson Legal's partnership with Lighthouse eDiscovery .



Link to Ricoh website opens a new browser window

Ricoh Americas Corporation has partnered with Hudson Legal to provide managed review services to help unify eDiscovery, from identification to production. Together, Hudson Legal and Ricoh offer fully screened contract attorneys, locations around the country, expert project managers, efficient review services and comprehensive productivity tracking.


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Hudson Legal has partnered with Discovia, a leading global provider of electronic discovery services, to further enhance Hudson Legal’s eDiscovery capabilities.

Discovia is a leading global provider of electronic discovery services to corporations and law firms handling litigation, internal and ITC investigations, and HSR Second Requests. Services include onsite and remote data collections, data minimization, data processing and hosting, expert application of leading technology-assisted review tools, document review management, and document productions. Through its proprietary processes, highly-automated operation and outstanding talent, Discovia delivers a 99.6 percent accuracy rate, data culling rates of over 95 percent for repeat clients, and a net promoter score of over 60 percent. Discovia is the first eDiscovery services firm to deliver a fixed-price managed service, enabling Fortune 500 corporate legal departments and law firms to gain a world-class eDiscovery function without building it internally.


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