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International Regulatory Litigation Case Study

Cross-border project management & international document review services

Client Issue

Our client, a multinational, multibillion dollar investment services firm, was under increased anti-trust regulatory scrutiny and given a mandate to quickly produce millions of potential litigation documents from several international jurisdictions across the U.S. and Europe. With the varying degree of e-discovery laws and strict data privacy rules that exist from country to country, the firm grappled with the best and most efficient way to comply; as well as how to maintain effective project management oversight across borders. Wanting to avoid a piecemeal solution by country, the firm engaged Hudson Legal to provide a fully-integrated and managed document review solution based on our global geographic footprint and high-level of innovative expertise.

Hudson Legal Solution

As one of only a few service providers that can manage large-scale document review teams around the world, we quickly established an "on-the-ground" team of local contract attorneys in the client's requested locations, as well as equipped each with ample facility and technology infrastructure (i.e., space and computers). A key challenge arose in Western Europe, where the availability of local and experienced contract attorneys was virtually non-existent. Understanding the logistical complexities involved, Hudson quickly leveraged a proximal team of highly-skilled and trained contractors in the United Kingdom to serve within this jurisdiction, and avoid any implications with the local country's regulatory laws.

Simultaneously, Hudson designated an onsite project manager to supervise and train the review teams. Our project manager liaised with the client, their outside counsel and their e-discovery provider to prove to regulators the firm was making considerable progress and complying fully with the investigation.

Another set of challenges through which Hudson effectively maneuvered was the client's transition from one outside counsel to another, along with a change in the review platform software provider. This required additional training and timely instruction to be carried out across the review teams. And while these types of changes can often hinder an ongoing review, our team didn't skip a beat in maintaining efficiencies, acclimating new personnel to the case and furthering production output. Through it all, our multiple in-country teams of contractors reviewed for relevance, legal privilege, supervisory privilege and privacy issues.

Hudson Legal Results

Drawing on our expertise in global markets, we were able to effectively guide our client through the U.S. and European Union regulatory systems, as well as help them conform to their imposed mandates within a short amount of time. The client has been most impressed with our agility and ability to rapidly respond to their evolving needs across the globe, while maintaining the highest levels of quality control and efficiency.

To date, the review is staffed by approximately 60 people between each jurisdiction and continues to grow as the client's needs evolve.



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