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Managed Review Services


Over the course of completing hundreds of successful Managed Reviews, Hudson Legal has helped clients save millions of dollars, plus untold time and frustration. Unlike what you may have experienced with other firms, Hudson leverages its efficiency to deliver savings to you, without sacrificing quality. You can rest easy knowing that your review is in the best hands.

You choose any or all services from our Managed Review offering:

  • Specialized team of legal professionals with expertise in your area of document review
  • On-site expert document review Project Managers to lead the daily operations, including troubleshooting
  • Timeline and project plan, including cost estimates, completion forecasts and/or productivity tracking
  • Location for the review/production project, which can include our state-of-the-art review centers
  • Complete and secure technology solutions, including hardware and software
  • Technical talent that specializes in your technology platform and subject matter

Managed Review Success Factors

We encourage our clients to take advantage of three key factors that, in our experience, make the most successful managed review.

Expert Project Managers
Experienced in every aspect of review and production

Efficient Review Centers
Space and technology ready to deploy for your review

Review Productivity Tracking
Enables analysis for efficiency and transparency

You Can Focus on the Case

Hudson Legal's level of involvement depends entirely on what you need, and where you seek to create greater efficiencies in the discovery process. We are here to alleviate your concerns, enabling you and your team to focus entirely on the case. Leave the document review and production project to us. We can manage the review and properly staff your project with qualified contract attorneys and paralegals.

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“Hudson Legal is very customer service focused, and provided good candidates whom are a pleasure to work with.”

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Trusted Advisors in Discovery Matters
Hudson Legal is a global full-service discovery firm offering end-to-end e-Discovery solutions and managed review services tailored to meet the needs of each case. Specializing in complete discovery process management, the experts at Hudson Legal bring clients a best-in-class combination of expert process design, technology, qualified teams of review attorneys and workspace logistics. Our approach ensures the highest quality results are delivered efficiently, accurately and affordably with a practical perspective.

Hudson Legal provides legal support services under the supervision of legal counsel representing our clients. Hudson is not a law firm and does not practice law or provide legal services. Click here for further details regarding Hudson Legal’s policy.