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Cross-Border Discovery: Conflicts & Resolutions

Managing the Tension Between U.S. Discovery Obligations and Cross-Border Privacy Laws and Regulations

Litigation is not bound by borders or oceans, and multinational cross-border disputes are increasingly frequent and complex. Courts in the United States are demonstrating less tolerance for disclosure and discovery issues related to privacy statutes in foreign jurisdictions. Hudson Legal experts explain cross-border discovery and the U.S. courts tension with international privacy regulation and provide methods to manage the increasingly frequent conflict.

Gain Valuable Insights

  • Cross-border discovery and an explanation of the tension between U.S. Courts and foreign privacy laws
  • How to raise the issue of discoverable documents residing outside of the United States with U.S. courts
  • Federal Rule of Civil Procedure Rule 26 Early Disclosures
  • Early case management conference strategy
  • Procedural Motion Practice
  • Alternative sources of additional information
  • Accelerating of the review and production of documents residing outside of the U.S or in cloud.
  • Negotiation with foreign privacy commissions and agencies


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