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Mortgage-Backed Securities Litigation Case Study

The Challenge

Meeting a tight production deadline and saving millions of dollars in production costs that were involved in digesting 19.6 million pages of complex financial document production data into high quality source material for 88 depositions.

Client Issue

In the high-stakes world of mortgage-backed securities litigation, staggering numbers of highly complex financial documents and aggressive production deadlines are the norm. In this case, 1,368,486 documents produced 19,532,720 pages of financial data, all of which needed to be reviewed and evaluated for 88 scheduled depositions. The client, a highly respected business litigation firm, managed the early stages of the document production in-house. However, a massive document influx in the summer of 2010, the unpredictable nature of continued rolling productions in terms of timing and especially volume, and the need to insure a superior quality of document review made it difficult for our client to allocate appropriate internal associate resources to keep up with project deadlines. When the proposed witness list unexpectedly increased to include 88 deponents and with the specters of federal and state statutes of limitations looming on the horizon, the firm turned to Hudson Legal.

Hudson Legal Solution

Hudson’s Project Manager quickly assessed the need to restructure the review workflow, creating a more efficient way to build and distribute assignments; prioritize documents; and ensure every document related to a witness was captured and prioritized according to the deposition date. The Project Manager’s control over the document production process encouraged our client to entrust Hudson with the highly unusual task of assisting their team in preparing the first round of depositions. Our team collaborated with the firm to transition high-quality, experienced reviewers to perform legal support services, including research, and the creation of deposition outlines, indexes and memos. Hudson’s team completed these tasks at a greatly reduced cost and on schedule.

Hudson Legal Results

Hudson’s skillful and innovative solutions relieved our client’s capacity restraints; increased the efficiency and accuracy of the document review workflow; customized assignments to address individual depositions; and resulted in cost savings between $18 and $35.5 million within a 12 month period  on this mortgaged-backed securities litigation case.



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