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Patent Infringement Litigation Case Study


Client Issue

Hudson understands the complexity and scale intrinsic to patent infringement litigation, an area of specialization that saved a global pharmaceutical firm nearly $400,000 over the course of multiple reviews involving 50-60 team members.

Hudson Legal Solution

Proving once again that an ounce of prevention produces a pound of cure, Hudson's upfront discovery consulting process identified a huge but easily overlooked cost saving opportunity.

Hudson Legal Results

Out of thousands of pharmaceutical compounds, only 100 or so were responsive. Since related testing documents were handwritten and on microfiche, applying an advanced technology filter was not possible. However, Hudson's project manager identified a macro-level folder structure that made it possible to eliminate the over collection of literally hundreds of thousands of documents.

This unique data triage system used on this patent infringement litigation case is just one more example of the profound impact Hudson has on review productivity.



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