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Legal Presentations by Hudson

Hudson Legal presents regularly on a variety of topics that help corporate counsels and law firms create a more effective organization. To receive advance notice of future legal presentations, subscribe to our mailing list.



eDiscovery in the Jurisdictions of England and Wales, Ireland and Australia

What's next in global eDiscovery? This presentation discusses how and where eDiscovery is expanding, while focusing on the most likely geographic hot spots.


The Changing eDiscovery Workforce

Advancing Technologies Require New Skill-sets
Ensuring that attorneys and project managers can effectively utilize document review technologies is just as important as selecting the right software for your needs.


Managing Cross Border Discovery: Conflicts & Resolutions

U.S. Discovery and Cross Border Privacy Laws
The U.S. courts and international privacy laws often conflict in multinational disputes, with increasing frequency and complexity.



Using Technology Tools to Reduce Discovery Costs

Selecting an E-Discovery Tool Can be Daunting
While the legal industry has been promised that technology will reduce the cost of Discovery in litigation, the proliferation of tools and vendors has only made the process more fragmented.



“Hudson understands the urgency with which many of our projects have to be staffed and they have been able to not only meet our demands, but provide quality staffing as well.”

– Senior Analyst, Top 100 Law Firm


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