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Global Recruitment

Locating Multi-Country Talent Where You Need it, When You Need It

Global Recruitment
Unparalleled ability to deliver
local, multi-regional and
global talent solutions

Companies of all sizes need to be prepared to source and locate operations around the world in order to find the skills they need – expanding their sourcing and recruiting to a global level and locating work where they can best find talent.

Leverage the consistency and economies of scale gained by using one firm for your international recruitment needs. Turn to Hudson for your global recruitment needs whether it is global or multi-regional. 

Whether your recruitment needs are near, far or just for one employee or many, Hudson RPO and Hudson’s retained search services can deliver with best-practice talent solutions in every country in which you operate. With offices in 43 countries and more than 20 markets– and affiliations in dozens more – Hudson has an on-the-ground global recruitment presence that’s second to none. 

When you work with Hudson for your multi-regional recruitment needs, you gain consistent quality control over your recruitment process, which is not possible with multiple third-party vendors. Also, you have the assurance of knowing that what you are getting is pure Hudson – our talent solutions specialists across the globe receive the same training and adhere to the same corporate values as their colleagues in the Americas

Another bonus is that our global talent solutions specialists are able to source candidates more efficiently because of their deep knowledge of the market, local cultural nuances and all applicable employment laws and regulations. What’s more, Hudson’s propriety assessment tools and methodologies are available to every Hudson talent solutions specialist around the world, ensuring the candidates we provide are of the same high caliber and organizational fit that you’d expect closer to home. 

Hudson’s international recruiters have the power to transform your organization, no matter what size project you are staffing, how complicated the job is or where you are located. 

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