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Fulfilling Talent Objectives
In High-Growth Middle Market Companies

Finding and Addressing Potential Obstacles
Before they Hinder Growth

Middle Market Companies Report

Many middle market companies are experiencing fast growth, both organically and through acquisitions. Having exercised caution in the first decade of the 21st century, midmarket businesses are expanding services and bridging new geographic territories.

Few talent acquisition endeavors are as high stakes as those within middle market companies in high growth mode, yet 77% of U.S. middle market company leaders rank the “ability to attract, train and retain talent” as one of their top five business challenges.

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Hudson’s report addresses how to anticipate and diagnose the typical talent challenges for high-growth, mid-market companies at the macro level, talent-specific level, and high-volume project level. The report provides solutions for each before they hinder growth, such as what to do when:

  • HR lacks a defined strategy and needs to move from bottom-up strategy to top-down strategy
  • The employer brand and EVP are weak
  • HR is expected to be a “Jack of all Trades”
  • You find yourself seeking talent that does not exist
  • You are stuck in the “top candidate trap” when recruiting
  • HR is not privy to the company’s large project plans
  • HR lacks time and resources for large expansion projects
  • You struggle to manage the changes and surprises during large project recruiting

The report includes additional sections on how to spot and tackle specific challenges before they arise: 

  • 9 Warning Signs Your Company is Unprepared for Large Project Growth
  • 8 Signs You’re Stuck in a Talent Time Warp
  • How to Manage the Impact of Change on Existing Employees
  • 10 Qualities to Seek in a Hiring Partner

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