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Hiring Latin American Employees Using Recruitment Hubs

A new way to hire in Latin America

Hiring employees in Latin America can be a challenge – especially when your firm is expanding into new markets where you have a limited presence.

One of the trends on the rise in the Americas is remote hiring, and it’s achieved by the creation of one recruitment hub to serve all of Latin America.

Rather than hiring multiple recruiters in different Latin American countries to perform sourcing and interviewing on site, companies are realizing cost savings and operational efficiencies by hiring a few bilingual or trilingual recruiters to handle all Latin American interviews remotely. These international recruiters sit in a hub based in a larger corporate office location.

Through the use of the recruitment hub for hiring international employees, you can leveraging video chatting or other communication technologies, remote sourcing and hiring has become efficient and reliable. And with the rise in the use of technologies like Skype in general, candidates are much more open to and comfortable with being interviewed remotely. Neither the candidate nor the recruiter will have to battle that famous Latin American traffic to get to the interview on time.  And video interviews still provide that face-to-face opportunity to connect, which is important in Latin American culture.

Another advantage of the recruiting hub…  when recruiters’ commute times are eliminated, our clients have seen boosts in employee satisfaction and productivity of their recruiters.

So How do You Create a Latin American Recruitment Hub?

The quickest and most efficient way to establish a Latin American recruitment hub is to leverage the expertise of a recruitment process outsourcing (or RPO) company that has experience creating these hubs. The RPO will manage the change management activities needed along the way. In addition, the RPO provider will use technology, productivity, and standards to bridge the cultural gap, while coaching the hiring managers in the most effective way to use these tools for sourcing and hiring.

Above all, the RPO company you choose must understand the cultures off all local markets involved. When hiring international employees, the recruiter must have a keen cultural understanding to devise an advanced sourcing strategy that will be effective in the local market. This includes using the best regional jobs boards and tapping into often unknown but good "second tier" university feeder programs.

By relying on the proven expertise of the right RPO provider, you can quickly enhance your international recruiting efforts while also realizing the typical benefits of an RPO solution which are:

  • Reduced hiring costs,
  • Better quality of candidates hired,
  • Reduction in role vacancy time,
  • Recruitment process consistency,
  • An improved perception of your employer brand among candidates, and
  • The ability to use more or fewer recruiters as your recruitment needs change.

To learn more about how Hudson RPO can help your company implement remote sourcing strategies and create effective remote workforces, please contact the Hudson RPO team today.

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