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IT Hire Wire is Live and the Timing Couldn't be Better

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In uncertain economic times, IT professionals look for information to help calm their jitters. It's not easy to do, especially when specialists in IT are often one of the first places that CEOs look to cut costs in a downturn. If you peer over the cubicle of your friends in corporate support functions from Legal, Marketing, HR and Finance they are also trying to justify their value to businesses driven by sales and profitability. With recession questions on everyone's minds some may choose the fetal position in the coming months. The smart ones will use this time to advance their IT career.

Hudson IT is starting a blog to discuss long term career advancement in IT and we look forward to you being a part of it. We are a group of people passionate about helping you achieve your IT potential. This is also one of the last times you'll hear us talk about where we work. We work for a staffing and recruitment firm. If you want to patronize us, great. If you'd like to pass this site on to another terrific Business Analyst, Project Manager, or Developer, awesome! Really though, we're just here to join the conversation. We promise you, this is not a site for shameless self-promotion, unless, of course we wanted to blog on self-promotion.

Why should you read this blog?
Every day we counsel mid-level IT professionals on taking the next step. Over and over again we 'lay down the knowledge' on the phone, but there are hundreds of other candidates who could have learned from the exchange. So, we want to take what we are talking about in our interview rooms to the 'Net. We also want to join the conversations going on in the key industries we serve. Healthcare IT, for example is likely to be the hottest specialty in our business for the next 20 years, and there is a ton of innovation and activity in the Healthcare IT space. We want to talk about the contractor lifestyle because it is one of the surefire ways to not only breeze through tough times, but also set up a killer long term growth strategy for your IT career. We'll be inviting guest bloggers from the IT community to share their insights too. So, if you want to get some link love for your latest projects, we'd be happy to give you the space to talk about it, or just leave some comments.

What you won't find here
You probably won't find tips on how to write your first resume, or how to accessorize your business attire. We don't want to talk so much about entry level basics, and we just aren't good looking enough to recommend French cuffs over a golf shirt. We are also unlikely to give you the best code snippet or scoop the next Twitter because we don't write any code, and we certainly aren't as influential as Robert Scoble.

I'm really looking forward to making this blog into a must-read addition to your RSS feeds. Welcome to IT Hire Wire.

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