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Tips for Contacting a Hiring Manager After Your Interview

All post-interview activities should
go through your recruiter

by Valerie Emery

You've just completed a job interview and you walk out of the office thinking, "Nailed it!"

So what happens next when you're working with a recruiter?

In the past, applicants were advised to simply sit back and wait for a phone call from the hoped-for employer. These days, there are several proactive steps you can take to remain "top of mind" with the hiring manager, which is precisely where you want to be.

The key point to remember is that all post-interview activities should go through your IT recruiter — not the person who interviewed you. Why? Because your recruiter is in the best position to know the most appropriate methods of staying in touch.

During the Interview

The best first step should actually take place during the interview. As the conversation is nearing the end, inquire politely what will happen next. The interviewer can give you some idea of the time line involved (interviewing other job candidates, meeting to decide on finalists, etc.), which should help lessen the suspense involved in waiting.

Send a Thank-You Note ASAP Through Your Recruiter

It's surprising how many job candidates neglect to follow up after an interview with a short and sincere thank-you note. There's no better way to indicate your interest in the open position and to build on the favorable impression you made during the interview itself.

What should go into this thank-you message? Here are a few suggestions, depending on your particular situation:

  • Thank the interviewer for his or her time.
  • Remark how your interest in the job has increased, based on the interview.
  • Reaffirm your conviction that you feel you're a "great fit" for the job opening.
  • Politely ask for any update on the time line.

The most important elements in a thank-you note are promptness (don't wait longer than a day to send your message) and a positive tone. You're mainly trying to keep the favorable feeling of the interview alive in the days that follow.

Once your thank-you note is composed (and you've proofed it several times to ensure there are no typos or misspellings), send it to your recruiter. This person can tell you if the message has the right tone and content. If so, he or she will be happy to pass it along. 

Should You Follow Up With a Phone Call?

In most cases, a follow-up phone call to the hiring manager isn't a good idea. First of all, the hiring manager is swamped with resumes, interview appointments, etc., and likely won't have the time to chat. A better option is to follow-up with a phone call to your recruiter instead.

Is it possible that stopping by the would-be employer's office in person might tip the odds in your favor? In the vast majority of cases, the answer is no. Hiring managers are extremely busy and probably won't welcome a surprise visit.

When You Get the Verdict

Hopefully, you've done everything right during the interview and in the days afterwards. The recruiter calls with the happy news that you've been offered the open position.

But it's a good idea to be prepared for the alternative situation. If the news is bad, keep your cool. Ask your recruiter to thank the interviewer for the opportunity to apply. Ask if the hiring manager can share any feedback about your interview performance with the recruiter. Also ask if it's acceptable to stay in touch with the hiring manager (through your recruiter). If so, plan to occasionally send news of any changes in your job status, an article related to the industry you work in or a request to join the hiring manager's LinkedIn network.


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Very interesting and important points that all <a href=" ">candidates</a> going through interviews should follow.

Very interesting and important points that all candidates going through interviews should follow.

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