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Hire a Veteran: Roadblocks and Solutions to Supporting Vets

HIring a vet makes strategical
and financial sense

by Ed Maldonado

Call it a case of good intentions: While the idea of supporting vets by adding them to your employee pool sounds great, it doesn't always come to fruition. Whether it's more qualified applicants, scheduling issues, or simply a poor fit, while you might hope to hire a veteran, it's sometimes hard to follow through. Still, if you're dedicated to making sure vets have a place in your company, there are ways to increase the chances of adding the right people to your team and hiring veterans.

Hiring Roadblocks

One of the issues facing companies hoping to hire vets is simply that of a rapidly moving job market and veteran job-seeking knowledge. Veterans are not aware of the opportunities that are in the marketplace. The jobs in the IT industry move fast; by the time a job is posted and searched for, it could be filled by someone relatively quickly due to a high demand of IT professionals.

Some vets have also been out of the job market for a long period of time. That can translate to a lack of updated resumes or knowledge of the best ways to seek and apply for jobs across the board. Therefore, it's not a matter of companies being specifically unwilling to hire a veteran, but that other qualified candidates snag the job beforehand.

Vet Benefits

Unlike any other subset of the job market, vets are uniquely qualified and primed for quality work. Think about it: They're highly trained, have unsurpassed work ethic, understand how to lead and love a challenge. The result is a motivated employee who becomes an invaluable part of your team from day one. Vets are primed for "missions." Instead of punching a time clock, they're used to sticking around until the mission (task) is finished.

What's more, employers who hire veterans may also qualify for tax credits — some in the neighborhood of anywhere from $1,500.00 to $8,000.00 per hire. Not only does hiring a vet make strategical sense, but it could have an impact on your bottom line as well.

Making an Effort

Employers ready to make more of an effort in hiring vets have no shortage of resources available to them — and vets can take advantage of the same organizations and websites. Take Hero2Hired, a virtual job board that allows employers to post jobs specifically for vets seeking employment. The Wounded Warrior Project provides support and job placement opportunities to vets injured in the line of duty. Of course, there are also state programs available — check your state administrative website for initiatives and incentives for hiring vets.

Hiring a vet makes good business sense, but posting ads might not be enough. By understanding the benefits hiring vets offers for an organization, it's easier to find the right channels to make those connections. Thinking beyond the job board may be the key to hiring a well-qualified and highly motivated veteran.


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