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Meet Hudson's Job Seeker Pulse

The Only Study Based on Actual Online Job Seeker Activity


Historically HR professionals have had to rely on job seekers’ self-reported intentions to anticipate projected job seeker activity.

Until now. Hudson has launched the inaugural edition of Job Seeker Pulse, the only job seeker activity report of its kind based on actual online behavior. Hudson’s Job Seeker Pulse will be published quarterly and will analyze online job seeking behavior patterns among workforce segments to help business professionals leverage recruitment cycles, enhance retention, improve demand planning and better conduct workforce planning exercises.



The Q4 2014 Job Seeker Pulse examines the job seeking activity of nearly 8,000 U.S.-based Fortune 100 employees. Specifically:

  • Job Seeking Behavior by Generation
  • Job Seeking Behavior by Seniority Level/Tenure
  • Job Seeking Activity by both Generation and Seniority Level/Tenure (Combined)
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Discover Hudson's Job Seeker Analytics Offering

Hudson now offers the technology behind the Job Seeker Pulse to capture real-time job seeker behavioral trends. In combination with the tool, we provide data interpretation to assist companies with recruitment, retention, demand planning and workforce planning efforts for a competitive edge.
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