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Are Candidates Willing to Reapply Once They’ve been Turned Down?

Are Candidates Willing to Reapply Once They’ve been Turned Down?

To help recruiters fine-tune their hiring, in Hudson/HRO Today’s 2016 Global Candidate Study, we asked candidates:

If you were declined for a role for which you applied, would you ever apply to that organization again?

Slightly more than two-thirds (67.7 percent) of candidate respondents would apply to a company again if they were declined for a specific job. More than half of the youngest group (aged 18 to 24) either would not reapply or were unsure about reapplying.

Percentage who Would Apply to a Company Again if Declined for a Role

Source: Hudson/HRO Today 2016 Global Candidate Study, North American results


“More experienced and established candidates know what they want, and they know what their next career move should be to align with their career development, so their options are more limited. Less experienced workers have a wider set of options before they become specialized, so they don't need to apply to the same company as often.” Kasey Butler, Senior Client Relationship Manager, Hudson Americas

“In my opinion, this is because younger workers grew up in a culture where everyone is a winner and rejection is hard. It makes them mad. They believe they are excellent, and if they didn’t get an offer then something is wrong with the company. The world of work is a rude awakening. I’ve had parents of 25 year olds call me and ask why their son or daughter didn’t get the job.” Jenifer “Jak” Kihm, Ph.D, Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Operant

“It’s probably due to a lack of experience that younger people take it more personally. For experienced workers who are 10-15 years into career, they’ve interviewed for a lot of jobs that they didn’t get. They are seasoned enough to know that there are different jobs within different departments reporting to different managers. Within a large corporation one department may seem like an entirely distinct company when compared to another department.” Mike Wolford, Sourcing Manager, Hudson Americas


“A recruiter contacted me about a role which we both agreed was not a fit. Weeks later, the recruiter reached out to me with a better role, which I interview for and received an offer. That was rare. Most recruiters do not follow up with candidates once they have been rejected for a role.” Male, 45-54, Corporate Management

“Dealing with a recruiter is like a horse race. If they cannot win, place or show with a candidate, they immediately regulate a candidate to the glue factory.” Female, 18-24, Finance

To download the complete results of HUDSON/HRO TODAY’S 2016 Global Candidate Study, click here

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