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How to Write Effective Job Descriptions that Attract the Candidates You Want

How to Write Effective Job Descriptions that Attract the Candidates You Want

Job descriptions need to capture attention and interest from candidates who would fit the position well. Too often they generically describe the skills and requirements of the job and fail to excite any interest. It's important to avoid jargon, buzzwords, and cut-and-paste job descriptions. Overused terms like “big picture thinker” and “strong communicator” are positive attributes for almost any position and don’t clarify what a job involves. Lackluster job descriptions tend to be unappealing to people who are qualified, and vague enough to attract a lot of unqualified applicants.1

Below is a great example of an engaging job description from Meetup, a social media platform. The job description highlights the company's growth and sets realistic expectations around the day-to-day responsibilities. It is direct, uses active and interesting language, and it has a call to action asking qualified candidates to apply.

A Clear & Compelling Job Description Example that Attracts Quality Hires

Core Engineering Manager, MeetUp

Meetup is looking for an Engineering Manager who wants to lead a team of Core engineers across all of our product teams. With 20+ million members across 182 countries and 125% year-over-year growth in the number of people joining Meetups, it’s a thrilling time for us.

If you are an engineer who loves to mentor and manage other engineers, has a strong background and experience in back-end platform engineering (using technologies like Scala, Java, Redis, RabbitMQ, and building APIs), and has ideas on how to innovate and improve the way people Meetup, this is the job for you.

As an Engineering Manager at Meetup, you will be part of the engineering leadership team. You should have:

  • At least 5 years’ experience as a web or other type of software engineer
  • At least 3 years’ experience mentoring and/or managing engineers in technical and non-technical areas
  • Top notch communication skills with other engineers, product managers, and designers
  • Experience managing engineering teams on large, fast-paced, projects
  • A deep understanding of how engineering and product teams work well together and motivation to get involved with helping improve things
  • A strong desire to focus on managing people as well as developing and managing career growth plans with engineers
  • A passionate interest in being the face of Meetup culture for their team
  • Experience allocating and optimizing engineering resources for product teams
  • An internal drive to help remove roadblocks and solve problems with teams and individuals
  • The ability to keep engineers focused on the most important things for both the company and themselves
  • Comfort with managing engineers with different experience/skill sets than their own
  • Experience leading recruitment efforts by finding new recruitment opportunities and motivating engineers to participate in the tech community

Our team is ambitious, supportive, and above all - we are excited by what we do. While meeting regular deadlines and being focused on quick, quality shipping of software - the environment is relaxed and fun. If the above describes you and what you're looking for, please send us your resume! 2

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