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Study: Candidates Weigh in on Recruiter Phone Calls

Study: Candidates Weigh in on Recruiter Phone Calls

In Hudson/HRO Today’s 2016 Global Candidate Study, we asked candidates: “Which of the statements below best represents your views about receiving phone calls from recruiters during all phases of the recruitment process?” Their responses can help recruiters refine their use of phone calls when engaging candidates of different age groups and at different stages of the job hunt.

Nearly one-half (46.8%) of all candidate respondents feel phone calls from recruiters are appropriate during all phases of the recruitment process. However, only about one-third (35.4%) of passive candidates feel that way, so proceed with caution when calling them, assuming you have the phone number.

Candidate Views on Communicating via Phone Calls

Source: Hudson/HRO Today 2016 Global Candidate Study, North American results

Two-thirds (67.6%) of those 55 years of age and older agree that phone calls are appropriate during all phases of the hiring process, while only 17.4 percent of those 18-24 agree with that statement. The youngest group (aged 18-25) is more likely than any other age segment to prefer email to phone communications (34.8 percent), or to feel phone calls are good for updates, but not for initiating the recruiting process (34.8 percent).

Communicating via Phone Calls: Attitudes by Age

Source: Hudson/HRO Today 2016 Global Candidate Study, North American results



“In 2015, seven trillion text messages were sent. Game, set, match. Millennials text, they do not call. Yes, you have to use the phone to move along the process, but use text to set it up.

Expecting recruiters to cold call via phone is unrealistic. Save for a few old school recruiters (who formerly had no other communication options), the rest simply won’t do it. Human beings hate cold calling. We have an entire generation of young recruiters who have used LinkedIn and haven’t had to cold call. Obviously they will call once contact and a dialogue has started, but they aren’t going to call as the initial point of outreach.”  Mike Wolford, Sourcing Manager, Hudson Americas

“Phone calls are not the way to engage with a candidate the first time, but if you have worked with the candidate in the past, phone calls are a good way to reconnect with a new opportunity. Calls are also ideal for when a recruiter is in the process of screening, is providing coaching to a candidate or is seeking to provide clarity in the process. I also call all finalist candidates when a hiring decision has been made, even if that candidate wasn’t selected. It’s common courtesy.” Kasey Butler, Senior Client Relationship Manager, Hudson Americas


To download the complete results of HUDSON/HRO TODAY’S 2016 Global Candidate Study, click here

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