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How do you support your new executive hire? Here are 3 points you should consider...

How do you support your new executive hire? Here are 3 points you should consider...

No matter their level, starting at a new company can bring up many conflicting emotions for most new employees.

On the one hand, they’re eager to get started and prove themselves, bringing a wealth of capability and experience to hit the ground running.

On the other hand, there will be natural concerns and anxiety around their cultural fit, not to mention the weight of everyone’s expectations.

Research shows Day 45 is the most common day for a new employee to resign. How will you retain your top talent?

Here are 3 points you should always consider.

1. Schedule regular check-ins

Irrespective of location, meet with the new employee regularly. This will help the development of your professional and personal relationships, while giving them the opportunity to provide insights on their initial experiences.

2. Help them build and develop key relationships

Before they start, ensure they have meetings scheduled with the priority stakeholders for their role. When they start, introduce them to a potential internal mentor.

Give feedback, insight and guidance to your hire on a frequent basis.

By doing so, you're helping them build the skills, experience and confidence to address the gaps and maximize their effectiveness.

Ensure they’re included on all relevant internal mailing groups – professional or social!

3. Consider a Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric testing has become a powerful tool and a proven method of delivering significant business value. It delves deeper into the motivations, personality and behaviors of your team.

Hudson offers an easy-to-use profiling, testing and assessment tool. It offers a detailed profile breakdown of each shortlisted candidate's personality, motivation and potential. It allows Hiring Managers like you evaluate your potential hires and develop employees into exceptional talent.

The assessment report will allow you to develop a more detailed on-boarding plan for your team. It will flag their development areas and learning preferences, so you can address any concerns you have as part of the induction period.

Learn more about Hudson Talent Management and Retained Search. Contact us.

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