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Social Media Recruiting: Get Creative for Effective Hiring

Social Media Recruiting: Get Creative for Effective Hiring

Recruiters’ use of social media to attract candidates has grown rapidly in the past few years. In a 2016 study, the Society for Human Resource Management found 84 percent of organizations surveyed used social media recruiting, with an additional 9 percent planning to use it.1 But this widespread adoption of social media in recruiting has caused a problem: talent inundated with job postings on their timelines and feeds. The flood of open positions is so great, many candidates simply scroll right past what could be the perfect job.

It’s no longer enough to simply use social media. Recruiting on these platforms must be targeted and creative in order to reach top candidates and capture their attention so they’ll click through to that job posting. Fine-tuning your social media recruiting strategy can seem daunting, because what works shifts so frequently. But, while it’s true change is part and parcel of social media, there are best practices in its smart and effective use. Read on to learn about social media recruiting strategies that yield results.

Polish Your Presence on Traditional Recruiting Platforms

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are the most well established social media channels for recruiting. Hudson and HRO Today’s 2016 Global Candidate Study found about 70 percent of respondents used LinkedIn job postings in their last job search. When survey responses were broken down by active and passive candidates, 64 percent of active candidates and 47 percent of passive turned to LinkedIn job postings. In the study, a greater number of passive candidates than active candidates used Facebook in their last job search, just over 10 percent and 7 percent respectively.

Though crowded fields, these platforms can’t be ignored. Your company career pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter should clarify your company’s mission and culture. They should also be rich with keywords and hashtags relevant to your industry, so you are more likely to attract people with the appropriate experience.

Share More Than Job Postings

While you will naturally post jobs to your feed, people quickly tune out LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter timelines that only post position after position. Candidates who are passive or casually looking, will be more engaged with feeds that include usable news about their industry or showcase the activities and culture of your company. For example, the online audio sharing platform SoundCloud shares news about meetups for minority engineers and the successes of individual employees along with its job and internship postings.

Share Your Employer Brand

Organizations are beginning to think beyond simple postings, as well. Recruiters at National Public Radio, for example, are using the social media handle @nprjobs to attract and engage with candidates. The nonprofit also encourages employees to use the hashtag #nprlife to give people windows into the organization’s culture and share its employer brand.2 Some companies have begun using Facebook Live as a way to answer questions from prospective candidates and give tours of their offices.

To leverage social media to attract college graduates and Millennials, it’s important to follow and understand the platforms most popular among those demographics. Financial services company Goldman Sachs, for example, used Snapchat to advertise positions likely to appeal to college seniors. The company placed the ads within Snapchat’s “Campus Story” feature near graduation time, being sure to give the posts a youthful aesthetic so they weren’t ignored.3

Be Prepared for Changes in Social Media Recruiting

New social media platforms will gain popularity suddenly and existing ones will become less popular, or only find engagement with a single demographic. Whether your organization is using social media for consumer branding, employer branding, or recruiting, staying nimble amid frequent updates and launches helps keep your organization competitive for drawing customers and hiring stellar employees.

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