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5 habits that are preventing you from reaching your leadership potential

5 habits that are preventing you from reaching your leadership potential

Traditional leadership is all about capitalizing on certain strengths. "Focus on what you do best and surround yourself with people who have complementary strengths," is the traditional leadership philosophy.

But in recent years, a lot of leadership theory has started to consider the flipside of this belief. In other words, when it comes to strengths, you can sometimes have too much of a good thing. It could even be the reason you're not reaching own potential as a leader.

Here are five ways overused strengths could derail your potential in the workplace...

1. The Renegade

This is where someone is overly headstrong, relies too much on their own vision and may create a vision that isn't aligned with broader organizational objectives. To others, they could be seen as headstrong to the point where it may come across as seeming misguided and lacking in judgement.

2. The Bulldozer

The Bulldozer refers to someone who is insensitive to the needs of others and is concerned too much with action. When managing tasks, the Bulldozer may focus too much on action and results; running the risk of overlooking the human factor and showing a lack of awareness of other people's feelings. They may also jump to hasty conclusions and adopt a "command and control" style of leadership.

3. The Micromanager

The Micromanager stays too involved in the decisions and the implementation of ideas and tasks. They may appear anxious and tense, especially when they don't have control. They can also demonstrate a lack of confidence in others and even their own capabilities. This kind of behavior often contributes to a culture of distrust and disempowers the people around them.

4. The People Pleaser

Through focusing too much on being amenable and connecting with people, the People Pleaser will find it difficult to act independently or make unpopular decisions. While they're likely to be generally pleasant and agreeable, by avoiding confrontation and having trouble saying “no,” they can be perceived as passive aggressive when pressure builds.

5. The Ego

Preoccupied with their own career aspirations and desire to stand out, The Ego may come across as self-centered and overly competitive. As a result, people will think they are superficial and lack humility. At times, this personality type may be seen as resisting feedback and being easily manipulated by others.

Self-awareness is power. We all have tendencies toward one type or another. Practice keeping yours in check, and you’ll be rewarded with more leadership opportunities throughout your career. 

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