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Top Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job

Top Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job

Here are a few signs that could mean it’s time to leave your job: You have awesome colleagues, but you’re just not that into your work. You love your company, but have been passed over for multiple rounds of promotions. Whenever you browse job listings, you’re filled with excitement you never feel at work.Alternatively, these could be wake-up calls that you need to shift your mindset at your current workplace. Read on to understand the definitive signs you should look for a new job.

You Dream of Leaving…Constantly – Everyone imagines moving on to greener pastures occasionally, and few jobs are without their downsides. But if you grumble about your job at the end of every day, explore job listings non-stop, and fantasize about telling your bosses what they can do with your job, it’s time to explore your options—before you burn any bridges.

It’s helpful to view this period as an important transition phase in your career, as important as getting a new degree, starting a new position, or getting a promotion. Continue doing your current job to the best of your ability while you simultaneously update your resumé and LinkedIn profile, and network with people in industries and workplaces that appeal to you. This may be a fast or a slow process depending on the job market, your skills, and your requirements for a new job. Let your excitement about the future bolster your spirits and your energy through the process.

You Don’t Find Meaning in Your Work – A 2016 global study by LinkedIn found that 74 percent of candidates want a job where they feel their work matters. Of course, this can mean many things to different people. Workers at a nonprofit offering small-business funding in developing countries likely find meaning in the organization’s goals. Some employees find meaning in company-supported volunteer programs and philanthropy. Still others find it in achieving work-related goals as part of a team, expanding their skill set, or helping coworkers expand their skill set. Sometimes we don’t find meaning in our work because we are caught up in the daily grind and don’t notice the value we bring to others. Look closely at your workplace for supportive people, learning opportunities, and examples of generosity. If you don’t find any readily, you may be inspired to spearhead a volunteer program for a favorite charity in your department. If you can’t find meaning or create meaning at your job, it’s time to seek out a company where you can.

You Don’t Feel Valued for Your Work – Have years gone by without a promotion or even discussions with your bosses of future opportunities to expand your responsibilities and skills? It’s possible your bosses are perfectly happy with your continuing to do your current job and aren’t invested in helping advance your career. If you find yourself in this situation, but you like your job, it’s time to have a sit down with your manager to clarify your career goals and discuss possibilities. It’s a telltale sign if your bosses aren’t interested or only give lip service to supporting your career growth.

Your Company Was Acquired – Layoffs are not a definite in this case, but they are a possibility as your company reorganizes. Research the organization’s history of downsizing following an acquisition and prepare accordingly. Also, decide if the new company structure appeals to you. For example, if you worked for a startup that’s acquired by a major corporation, you may miss the small-scale teamwork and want to seek it out elsewhere.

When you’re miserable at work, quitting suddenly is tempting. This is almost certainly a bad idea. Your work-related frustration may be temporary and, if it turns out to be enduring, you still want to leave on the best terms possible. It’s a small world and you may work with—or for—current coworkers and bosses in the future. Additionally, a 2017 study by Columbia University and the Federal Reserve Banks of New York and Chicago supported the belief that it’s much easier to get a new job when you are employed. Take your time, network, and leave on your own terms.

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