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The 2018 Jobs Outlook for Atlanta

The 2018 Jobs Outlook for Atlanta

Whether you’re a candidate looking for a new job in Atlanta or a growing business in need of a recruitment agency, it’s important that your vision for the future is grounded in the realities facing your industry and the economy. Here we’ve gathered the most recent expectations for employment and hiring in Atlanta through 2018:

Population Growth and Development Bolster Georgia Economy

Solid statewide economic growth in Georgia over the past few years is projected to continue through 2018, according to a forecast by The University of Georgia. The state is expected to see 2 percent employment growth in 2018, which is faster than the projected 1.1 percent growth expected nationally.1

The unemployment rate is likely to drop below 5 percent in Georgia in 2018, according to the same forecast. The state’s unemployment rate will be marginally higher than the national unemployment rate of 4.1 percent.2

Continued population growth, economic development projects, and a recovery in the housing market will contribute to the rosy economic outlook. The forecast also predicts personal income gains of 5.8 percent for Georgia residents, which is higher than the expected national income growth rate of 5.5 percent.3

Statewide, the pace of job growth is expected to be fastest in the construction sector, followed by the leisure and hospitality, education and health services, and wholesale trade sectors.4

Among large metro areas in the U.S., Atlanta’s economy is projected to experience growth, though at a slower rate than the city saw in 2016 and 2017. Atlanta is expected to add 52,000 new jobs over 2018, according to PNC Financial Services economist Mekael Teshome.5

Atlanta’s unemployment rose slightly from 4 percent in September to 4.1 percent in October; however, the metro area added 20,000 new jobs in October.6 In August, the Atlanta metro area reached a record-setting 2.76 million jobs, the first time the region’s job totals have soared so high.7

Atlanta’s Tech Appeal Strengthens

Contributing to this boost in jobs is a profusion of businesses expanding offices or relocating their headquarters to Atlanta. NCR Corporation, a Georgia-based financial software, hardware, and professional services company, is moving its headquarters to Atlanta’s Midtown. The new campus will include two mid-rise office towers, the first of which is close to completion and slated to open in early 2018. NCR expects to employ about 5,300 people at the new headquarters, with many of the positions in fintech and software development.8

In 2016, General Electric selected Atlanta for its Information Technology unit’s North American headquarters, which was formerly in Fairfield, Connecticut. Atlanta has emerged as an important IT hub, with small tech startups and multinational companies drawn to the strong infrastructure and the strong talent graduating each year from nearby Georgia Institute of Technology.9

Honeywell, a major American technology and manufacturing company, also chose Atlanta for the new headquarters of its home and building technologies division, as well as a new software development center. Hiring has already begun for the two new facilities, which are projected to employ 800 people by 2020.10

Before it announced a major data breach in September, Atlanta-based Equifax opened a new location in Midtown. The new facility brought 800 more jobs to the city and the company said it planned to further expand its workforce over the next five years.11 At the moment, analysts expect the consumer credit reporting agency will weather the backlash and stay a viable company when the dust settles.12

In October, health insurance company, Anthem, announced plans to relocate its existing Atlanta IT center to a new building slated to open in 2020. Anthem says relocating the tech center, which already employs 1,800 people, is part of its commitment to expand its IT footprint in Atlanta.13

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