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HR Risk Management & HR Compliance

Avoid unnecessary risk with our
compliance assessment and
training programs

Protecting your organization from costly errors

Ensuring that your recruitment and hiring practices comply with all state and local employment laws and regulations is critical to the overall health of your business, particularly if you are a government contractor or in the public sector. Hudson’s HR risk management and HR compliance services offer companies peace of mind and prevent costly errors.

No matter your type of company, the government can audit you at any time to see if you are in compliance with Office of Federal Contractors Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) rules. Regulatory fines, civil penalties, and even jail time are among the risks employers face if they fail to adequately manage labor issues.

When it comes to thorough HR risk management and HR compliance, we provide:

  • Assessment of your organization’s current practices
  • Expert advice on corrective actions
  • Consulting on new laws or regulations
  • Compliance training for hiring managers

With deep expertise and knowledge of labor regulations in all the markets in which we operate, Hudson can help you successfully navigate the recruitment and hiring process and to mitigate risk and ensure compliance. We can first assess whether your recruitment practices align with compliance requirements and provide expert advice on corrective actions. We also can keep you informed should new laws or regulations come on the books.

Additionally, given the high cost of non-compliance, we recommend to our clients that all managers with hiring authority receive training on compliance so they don’t unknowingly create exposure for your company. Our training can help your supervisory team understand the law and their individual roles in compliance by providing real-life scenarios and solutions to help them make smart decisions that are legal and enhance the bottom line.

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