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RPO Projects

A recruiting partner to tackle
your hiring demand spikes

RPO Projects: An Extension of your Internal Team

Need to recruit 40 sales people in three months, but your internal staff is overwhelmed with day-to-day hiring needs? An RPO project may be the solution.

Even on short notice, Hudson can jump in and tackle your specific hiring project, from beginning to end, working from your site or ours, in a timely and cost effective manner.

Whatever your needs, Hudson can integrate with your internal resources to ensure consistency in the process and maintain a consistent candidate experience.


  • Reduces backlogs and  overall time-to-hire 
  • Controls cost and reduces risk by eliminating fixed overhead and avoiding redundancy costs
  • Leverages global resources to find the right candidates 
  • Provides access to scalable resources, giving you added control over the project budget and schedule
  • Enhances talent database for filling future vacancies 
  • Improves measurement of specific objectives and achievements
  • Creates customized solutions to meet your precise needs
  • Improves your employer brand image in the marketplace
  • Provides access to active, passive and hidden candidates
  • Enhances quality of hire and candidate retention
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