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Leadership Engagement Programs

Uncover the potential of those
who will lead your organization
into the future


Hudson's High Potential leadership engagement programs are means to proactively retain and engage employees with the greatest potential to become future leaders of an organization. They focus on: 

  • Corporate Strategy to ensure programs are aligned with your organization  
  • Identifying in-house talent within your organization who have the potential to grow into great leaders 
  • Supporting and developing potential leaders 
  • Customizing development by tailoring their high potential career paths 


FIVE Key Indicators of High Potential Future Leaders

Hudson has identified five fundamental intrinsic factors that determine high potential candidates


1. Managing Complexity & Change

How well does one handle increasingly complex issues?

2. Learning Agility

How effectively, efficiently and selectively does one learn?

3. Engagement and Personal Efficiency

How strongly does one want to achieve?

4. Leadership

How clearly does one set a direction and get people on board?

5. Relational & Cultural Sensitivity

How skilled is one at understanding what is important to others and adapting interactions?

High Potentials


Hudson’s High-Potential leadership engagement programs allow you to:

  • Support continuous achievement of business objectives 
  • Ensure your organization has the intellectual property, human resources and talent to cope with future needs including attrition and growth 
  • Increase engagement levels of your most valuable employees 
  • Retain talent and reduce turnover risk 
  • Support development and succession of your talent pool 
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