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Interview Skills Training

Hudson’s Interview Skills Training helps managers develop the core competencies of hiring
Train to increase the objectivity
of hiring selection


Hiring the right people is crucial to any organization’s continued success, while the costs of hiring the wrong people are considerable, including corrosive impacts on an organization’s image, reputation and morale. Hudson’s Interview Skills Training ensures managers have the core competencies to make better hiring decisions, with the goal of strengthening organizational capability and reducing staff turnover and its associated costs.



Today, leaders at all levels are required to be more accountable for their “bottom lines.” Interview Skills Training helps employers:

  • Attract and select the best talent
  • Reduce the time and cost of hiring
  • Identify leadership potential
  • Align high-potentials and high-performers to your organizational objectives

Science of Selection

Hudson specializes in the science of designing and training in best practice techniques for Competency-Based Interviewing (sometimes referred to as Behavioral Event Interviewing) because of the advantages it has over traditional interviewing techniques. This strategy targets key criteria, such as an individual’s current competencies, motivation, cultural fit and future potential.

This proven method is considered one of the most reliable selection methodologies in the world and ensures:

  • The most suitable candidate is selected, with the skills and potential to embrace not only the challenges of today, but of tomorrow as well
  • Promotion of equality and diversity by enhancing objectivity and reducing the effect of unconscious biases
  • Candidates take away a positive experience, feel valued and have a genuine understanding of the role and expectations of them
  • Quality information results from feedback, which not only becomes invaluable for selection and career-development purposes, but also helps drive team engagement

How It Works

Hudson’s Interview Skills Training tailors content and materials to ensure they are aligned to your organizational goals. We then facilitate your Interview Skills Training workshops at a time and location convenient to you, combining theory and methodology with interactive, practical exercises.

Typical Interview Skills Training workshops include:

  • The role of career, motivational and cultural fit
  • Selling the Employee Value Proposition
  • Unconscious bias and its impact on the selection process
  • The principles of effective Competency-Based Interviewing
  • Post-interview integration
  • Providing effective feedback



Hudson’s Interview Skills Training is an invaluable resource for major organizations and provides many benefits, including:

  • Best practice Competency-Based Interviewing techniques in making objective selection decisions
  • A dynamic interview process that is also a positive employment branding exercise for your organization
  • Illumination and greater insight into the costs and time wasted by poor hiring decisions
  • An understanding of the legal principles related to recruitment and selection processes
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