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Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching
Identify and empower your
emerging leaders


Hudson Leadership Coaching is intended for people who are critical to your organization’s success or will be in the future. In general, this includes everyone at the C-level, heads of major business units or functions, technical or functional wizards, and your bench of high-potential emerging leaders.

Hudson offers one-on-one, confidential leadership coaching sessions over an agreed upon, limited period of time. We work with senior professionals and executives to help them advance in their career paths, build on strengths and manage weaknesses, and identify how they can add  value to the organization.

Leadership coaching is delivered by a network comprised of coaches offering a wide variety of experience and expertise. These coaches are rigorously matched with leaders according to the particular needs of the leader and the strategic needs of the organization.  They possess the experience and expertise to quickly grasp a leader’s situation, challenge assumptions and choices, and bring credible, fresh ideas to the table.


Hudson’s Leadership Coaching is an invaluable resource for major organizations and boasts numerous benefits, including allowing organizations to:

  • Enhance individual and organizational performance 
  • Increase retention of high-performing employees 
  • Develop leadership skills and practices, learn coaching skills they can implement
  • Increase team effectiveness via more effective leaders 
  • Reinforce executive leadership competencies crucial to the organization's culture
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