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Leadership Development Solutions

Leadership Development
Identify and develop your
next great leaders


Leaders are the driving force behind realizing your company’s growth and ambitions. Hudson can assist your organization in understanding the success profile of a leader for your business, and then measuring and evaluating employees against this profile.

Hudson's leadership development programs enhance individual leadership abilities and attitudes by FIRST using proprietary tools to identify areas for improvement, and then utilizing specialist development centers for coaching, mentoring, training and workshops. Our programs are:

  • Tailored – One size does not fit all, which is why we tailor our offerings to match an organization’s culture and priorities 
  • Holistic – We focus on the organization as a whole, bridging the gap between HR and the broader business 
  • Focused on Self-Awareness and Authenticity – We encourage, cultivate and promote self-awareness and authenticity in leaders 
  • Practical – We deliver best practice leadership development solutions that are practical and experience-based  

Identifying and Developing Future Leaders

Hudson has a team of experienced leadership development consultants and coaches to help you translate your company’s vision into the behaviors required of your leaders. We work with you to identify those who can rise to the challenge of leadership – individuals who can navigate, inspire and motivate others.

Understanding the Success Profile

By understanding the critical success profile of a leader within your organization and then evaluating employees against that profile, we create targeted development activities that then drive the training and coaching of the leaders in your business.

Hudson’s expert coaches have deep experience working with leaders across both the public and private sector, providing mentoring and coaching to assist in behavioral change and key competency development. Hudson also will make recommendations for formal training and on-the-job experience that will support leadership development.


Hudson’s leadership development solutions allow you to:

  • Understand the leadership strengths of your organization 
  • Improve business outcomes through effective leadership 
  • Increase the retention of key managers and staff through enhanced people management capability 
  • Develop more streamlined and intelligent training and development 
  • Structure and plan succession of leaders 
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