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Learning Style Questionnaire

Learning Style Questionnaires
Adapt your training to appeal
to all learning styles


As both individuals and businesses transform and evolve, business leaders have come to understand what the best teachers and professors have known for some time – the value of capitalizing on different learning styles for better instructional outcomes.

Hudson’s proprietary, 20-minute online learning styles questionnaire offers employers an easy and cost-effective method for discovering employees’ learning styles.

Benefits of Using Learning Style Questionnaires

Employee Benefits

  • Once employees understand their preferred styles, they can grasp tips for improved learning effectiveness.
  • Likewise, once they recognize their own natural learning preferences, they can begin expanding the way they learn to include the other learning styles, not just their preferred styles.
  • Not only will these individuals gain more from learning opportunities, but the ripple effect is that they will become more effective when managing, coaching and communicating with others.

Organizational Benefits

  • When L&D professionals and company managers understand learning styles, they can create an environment in which everyone can learn from them--not just those who share the same style.
  • Results of employees’ learning styles can be used to design training and development programs best suited to either the dominant learning style among the population surveyed or to a variety of learning styles.
  • This leads to enhanced ROI on company learning programs, more fruitful coaching and development efforts, and better communication of company strategies and objectives.

Learning style questionnaire results can be used alone or incorporated into the following programs:

  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Development Centers
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Personal Development Planning
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