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Hudson’s talent analytics will help you gain a talent edge over your competitors
Gain a Competitive Edge
Through Talent Data

The unprecedented levels of data availability today make it an exciting time for HR and recruiting. We’re in the midst of a paradigm shift, and early adopters of talent analytics will gain a talent edge over their competitors.

Hudson is at the forefront of combining new technology, such as workforce analytics, with HR and recruitment consulting services to help you translate your existing and also newly available data into better business decisions around:

Our clients benefit from our unique talent analytics consulting service that allow you to:

  • Base workforce planning efforts on real-time, current data
  • Use talent supply and demand data to guide your workforce strategy
  • View current competition, market rates and ease of hiring different roles in specific markets
  • Identify and monitor when top candidates begin a new job search and reach out
  • Develop retention strategies and efforts for talent pipelining
  • Identify managerial deficiencies within the organization and develop action plans
  • Enhance customer service and employee satisfaction
  • Improve communication and engagement with candidates and employees
  • Take your succession and development planning to new heights

Hudson also can help you improve your organization’s performance through better quality recruitment. We can translate your organization’s definition of quality into clear and measurable criteria aligned to both business goals and the requirements of the role.

Our Six-Step Quality of Hire program includes the following:

  1. Create a compelling business case
  2. Identify and understand business-critical job families
  3. Determine the most relevant metrics for quality of new hires in your organization
  4. Collect and analyze the data
  5. Report your findings to the business and get support to implement your recommendations
  6. Take action and review the program annually

Other ways Hudson can use data to support your HR programs:

  • Made-to-measure metrics consulting services
  • Advanced sourcing programs
  • Selection and assessment process design
  • High-potential analysis and predictive benchmarking
  • On-boarding program design
  • Employer branding programs
  • HR information system advisory and implementation
  • Hiring manager and recruiter skills one-to-one or group coaching programs
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