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Critical Thinking: Hudson research & analysis on key business trends

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Hudson invests in thought leadership on critical business topics to give you a better insight into the factors influencing your work force as well as potential solutions to assist you in overcoming the talent management obstacles companies face on a daily basis.

White Papers: In-depth Reports

In today's competitive business environment, one of the most important tools any organization has is its people, and that is only going to become more crucial as the talent shortage heats up. To help you understand what is needed to attract, engage and retain key employees, Hudson conducts research based on comprehensive surveys and qualitative analysis.


Too Overwhelmed to Hire Right?

For most technology managers, finding the time to hire—and hire right—is becoming a hugely overwhelming task. From time and budget constraints to a growing lack of qualified resources, many IT hiring managers are struggling to strike the right balance between productivity and staffing.



5 Emerging Trends Affecting IT Staff in the Recovery

The height of the recent economic downturn was a time to cancel and delay projects, and IT fell in line with organizational cutbacks of both permanent and contract staff. Some organizations went beyond trimming the metaphorical fat and cut deeply into the meat and muscle of their IT departments. Valuable skills were lost in the purge.

As we move into an economic recovery phase, Hudson sought to understand how the people within our clients' IT organizations are most affected. Aside from the obvious effects of staff reductions, a handful of trends are emerging. 

6 Reasons Why CIOs Should Embrace Cloud Computing Now!

While many CIOs point to cost savings as the primary driving force of their Cloud initiatives, a growing number are seeing broader benefits that are focusing their team on delivering greater business value. Discover the tremendous benefits a mid-sized company can realize moving some of their applications into the Cloud and about the factors that lead to success. You may also view the accompanying slideshow and Webinar replay.



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